Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holiday Update

Hello dear readers, I was trying to download some photos today, but had to log into the Mole Creek public access.

We left Davenport and went westish. Went up the Bass Highway, towards Burnie via Leith, Ulvertsone, Penguin(I kid you not - you should see the garbage bins in the main street!), Sulphur Creek, Heybridge to Burnie.
We were blown away by the beautiful countryside, the foreshores etc, but somewhat underwhelmed by the towns. Small, tiny towns.

I had heard of a lace guild member who owned a B&B in the North West so contacted her. Marita and Phil, and arranged to stay @ theirs. The Mistover Strawberry Farm and accommodation at Yolla was just wonderful. Yolla is only 15 min drive from the sea but seems like the middle of nowhere. When I turned off the car, there was just no noise!! Only the dog and a couple of birds. Phil had started the fire and MMMM Nice! There was home made bread and strawberry jam for breakfast! a nice chat with Marita - who loved Eddies bobbins and onto Sheffield to check out their murals.

Sheffield was rather interesting, great pictures painted on the walls of the buildings etc, There is also the most wonderful looking huge mountain of rock called Mount Roland - photo to follow when I can use my own computer. From Sheffield we drove to Mole Creek.

I can now state without any chance of being laughed at that both Eddie and I have driven a stage of the Targa Tasmania. The fact that it doesn't start till next week is totally beside the point.

We have and are staying tonight at the Mole Creek Holiday Village, will be going over towards the Tamar valley for a few nights tomorrow.

Love to Ken Judy

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  1. Dear Ken,

    that strawberry place sounds wunnerful! I am so happy that you two are having a great time