Saturday, April 18, 2009

Holiday Story

Dear and gentle reader
Now I have managed too get on line to update our holiday story. We flew out from Sydney last Friday, good flight down to Launceston except for the sore sinus for me with the pressure. We picked up the hire care @ the airport and found our rather basic accommodation. Went to the mision store and supermarket to pickup some stores for the eating of and off.
Nice night in after a ¨spuddies"spud for dinner.
We went to Launceston Lace Day, met Laura and Woodie ( gumlace buddies) and some other ladies from their group. DH Eddie showed off his bobbins - which were nicely received.
After lunch and some directions from Laura, we made our way towards Devenport.
After going to the Info Centre we went to our accommodation Mersey ???? Apartments. Such a nice one bedroom place. Tea from Bellas down stairs and an early night after the Bill
This morning we drove down to Latrobe and checked out the markets - ho hum - then the Axemens Hall of Fame, bowed to the photos of David Foster, saw the platypus/trout exhibition and then had lunch - an alfresco antipasto.
After lunch we drove down to Sheffield to look at the murals and had some Chinese passion fruit ice cream.
Uneventful drive back here to Davenport - bypassing ¨Nowhere Else¨ to get here to D Maccas and WON THE BATTLE WITH THE WIRELESS NETWORK.
DH is starting to sound a little like a Michael Pailin dvd.
Love to all the family and especially the Grandbabies. Will be in touch soon. Love to Ken. Judy and Eddie.

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  1. I am so glad that mcdeath helped you to win the internet battles, and now you can blog again :)