Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Home and back to it

Now I have been back at work for a few L O N G days. The poor sad eyes are rather sore from looking at the computer screens all day, but it has been nice to catch up with my work friends and also to talk to some of the clients. Some of them are such nice ladies.
I have been working - a little each couple of days - on my green linen mat of Ethel Z's, very much enjoying using David Potters tool holder too.
We had a visit by DD1, DSIL and the grandbabies for mothers day weekend. So nice to have them here. DD2 rang in but the phone was dead - but I did catch up with her later in the day.
Unfortunately DH and I were both away the days they taught reasonable portions - so we have had some left over roast port for a couple of days. Not a bad day for it indeed!

I just have to share - my 4yo grandbaby asked his mum where people came from. DD1 started on the special cuddle talk but he said NO, where did people come from? You know Mum, one day there were no people, then there were - where did they come from? How is that for a 4yo? DD1 thinks that sometimes the world runs a little slowly for him and he sits and ponders things. He also said - I wish we didn't have a baby! Littlest grandbaby is only 8 months old, DD1 was a little upset at this and asked him why he didn't like his little sister and his reply was CLASSIC! "No I like her, but if we didn't have her we could have a kitten"

Take care Judy

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Home again, jiggidy jig

Wednesday last week, we went to Allen's Rivulet, to visit with Vicki and David Potter. We spent the nicest day! Eddie and David checked out the bobbin making shed – compared experiences and DH acquired some genuine Tasmanian Huon Pine from a genuine Tasmanian.

These little cottages in Richmond - ¨Bridge View -the Armoury”is still just as nice as yesterday!

We went to Snug – as suggested by Robyn W from Cronulla group, we were told that the butcher there had the nicest smoked salmon – well we will b e the best judge of that – very soon & I will post about that tomorrow. We may also have to have some tassy oysters with our fresh bread and butter -yummmmm.

This morning we had to slosh cold water over the windscreen to melt off the ice BRR COLD.

We were blown away by the beautiful countryside, the foreshore etc, but somewhat underwhelmed by the towns. Small, tiny towns.

The country was reminiscent of around Coledale and Robertson. Just nice!!

Thursday and Friday. DH and I were spending time floating around the Hobart area. Went to the jail @ Richmond, both felt very overwhelmed and quite distressed. This didn't go till way after we left the building. Didn't like that feeling at all - so of course we wont be going to Port Arthur!!
We also went up to 1000m up Mt Wellington - saw the snow and I got a dose of vertigo - thought I was going to do a nose dive when I got out of the car - so we (I) drove down VERY CAREFULLY!!!! I was most pleased to get down the bottom again!

Saturday- spent some time with the wonderful ladies @ Hobart Lace Day. What a nice bunch of women lace makers are!! Started a snake for their upcoming demonstration - do you realise that that snake was the first (and last!) for this bod? Not too much fun at all. I also got a small bit of my needle lace necklace done. I really haven t done too much of it- either too tired or not enough light. Met both Faye and Win and the ladies seemed to like ¨Edsbobbins¨

Sunday, DH and I went on the double decker red bus trip round Hobart- great fun, no worries re traffic and we saw heaps of things and had a great informative driver - told us heaps of things about the area and history - after that we went on a ferry ride on the Derwent River. Wow it sure is huge!

Monday - went to the Botanical Gardens, was supposed to be a quick visit and morning tea then over to Belreive to do a visit to Boonie¨s home ground but we just didn't get there! The gardens were wonderful, DH had his hands in ¨Pete's dirt¨ and we both very much enjoyed the Japanese Gardens. Had some more wonderful Tassie oysters for lunch and then went to the airoprt to fly home.
DD2s fellow Mike came to the airport to pick us up - they had been car sitting for us- and we had a nice visit with them before coming home. Oh how nice to sleep in ones own bed.