Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Moving south

Moving south down the Heritage Highway, we visited all manner of little towns, so nice. We turned off and went into Ross and WOW what a lovely welcoming and pretty little town. There was heaps of people and we c couldn't easily park in the main drag so went around the corner and found a nice teashop with a vacant sign. We stayed at their B&B (we were their first visitors -- born again virgins we are!!) We liked it so much that we stayed there for2 nights.
Now in Richmond, we have a 1860s cottage and will be here till Saturday am when we check out and go to lace day.
Spent today with Vicki and David Potter - such a nice time, thanks very much Vicki. We had a mutual exchange of bobbins and lace stuff. NICE ONE.
Still having troubles uploading photos, really will try to work it out tonight. Love to all. Judy & Eddie

Friday, April 24, 2009

Northern Tamar Valley

Hello there, We have had some rather wet days over the last few. Spent yesterday @ the Beaconsfield Heritage Museum, what wonderful set up/ DH and I very much enjoyed the displays of logging,mining and social history. will try again tonight to arrange for some photos, sorry about the delay but I am not really a techo nanna - only a wannabe.Love to all

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Holiday Update

Hello dear readers, I was trying to download some photos today, but had to log into the Mole Creek public access.

We left Davenport and went westish. Went up the Bass Highway, towards Burnie via Leith, Ulvertsone, Penguin(I kid you not - you should see the garbage bins in the main street!), Sulphur Creek, Heybridge to Burnie.
We were blown away by the beautiful countryside, the foreshores etc, but somewhat underwhelmed by the towns. Small, tiny towns.

I had heard of a lace guild member who owned a B&B in the North West so contacted her. Marita and Phil, and arranged to stay @ theirs. The Mistover Strawberry Farm and accommodation at Yolla was just wonderful. Yolla is only 15 min drive from the sea but seems like the middle of nowhere. When I turned off the car, there was just no noise!! Only the dog and a couple of birds. Phil had started the fire and MMMM Nice! There was home made bread and strawberry jam for breakfast! a nice chat with Marita - who loved Eddies bobbins and onto Sheffield to check out their murals.

Sheffield was rather interesting, great pictures painted on the walls of the buildings etc, There is also the most wonderful looking huge mountain of rock called Mount Roland - photo to follow when I can use my own computer. From Sheffield we drove to Mole Creek.

I can now state without any chance of being laughed at that both Eddie and I have driven a stage of the Targa Tasmania. The fact that it doesn't start till next week is totally beside the point.

We have and are staying tonight at the Mole Creek Holiday Village, will be going over towards the Tamar valley for a few nights tomorrow.

Love to Ken Judy

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Holiday Story

Dear and gentle reader
Now I have managed too get on line to update our holiday story. We flew out from Sydney last Friday, good flight down to Launceston except for the sore sinus for me with the pressure. We picked up the hire care @ the airport and found our rather basic accommodation. Went to the mision store and supermarket to pickup some stores for the eating of and off.
Nice night in after a ¨spuddies"spud for dinner.
We went to Launceston Lace Day, met Laura and Woodie ( gumlace buddies) and some other ladies from their group. DH Eddie showed off his bobbins - which were nicely received.
After lunch and some directions from Laura, we made our way towards Devenport.
After going to the Info Centre we went to our accommodation Mersey ???? Apartments. Such a nice one bedroom place. Tea from Bellas down stairs and an early night after the Bill
This morning we drove down to Latrobe and checked out the markets - ho hum - then the Axemens Hall of Fame, bowed to the photos of David Foster, saw the platypus/trout exhibition and then had lunch - an alfresco antipasto.
After lunch we drove down to Sheffield to look at the murals and had some Chinese passion fruit ice cream.
Uneventful drive back here to Davenport - bypassing ¨Nowhere Else¨ to get here to D Maccas and WON THE BATTLE WITH THE WIRELESS NETWORK.
DH is starting to sound a little like a Michael Pailin dvd.
Love to all the family and especially the Grandbabies. Will be in touch soon. Love to Ken. Judy and Eddie.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy (insert appropriate holiday here) to you

We have had the best of easter breaks. DD1, DSIL1 & Grandbabies came to visit, brought my new computer - a tiny tiny little jobbie. DH and I and DDog Archie went to the Welsh Springer Spaniel club annual 3 show event @ St Marys.

Long days sitting around, admiring beautiful welshies and waiting till pet class comes up. Good company and doing some new needle lace. Thanks to my friend Britt from WA for her wonderful patterns. I am enjoying doing it so much. I am not particullarly good at needle lace but it is more portable than a pillow and and and ... but I do enjoy it (with the right magnifiers though- tongue firmly in cheek).

Last night after the show we went to friends place for dinner. Wonderful food, company, wine and conversation. Thanks Phil and Rob for inviting us. Hope to see you again soon. Also welcome and good bye to our two visiting judges. Lovley to meet you and have a wonderful time for the remainder of your visit to Aus.

Bye for now - only 4 more sleeps till the tassie holiday. J

Thursday, April 9, 2009

new computer

here is a picture of me with the webcam on my new tiny tiny little computer

Friday, April 3, 2009

Finished at last!!!

Finally, finally I have finished the Dancing Chook! What a releif. He was done in lilac Finca with a dark purple perle gimp. The tally neck feathers were done in a varigated silk. The silk was a bit of a trial to use, but the result (as long as you don't look too closely) is rather nice. Hope you enjoy it.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lace and other musings

Last weekend I spent two days @ the Cronulla Lace group doing a workshop with the wonderful Jenny R from Canberra. I had a nice but tireing two days. Jenny R is a great teacher, kind, considerate, tolerant and able to "gently" push you to do things you may not wish to do in your lace. We all learnt many new things. I am slowly working through the samples still.
We decided that my Beds hankie edging is progressing (just) OK. I now have a few tips of how to continue now that I am at the corner. I will post some photos - as Iwork things out.
Well then, thanks to my friend Britt from WA I have managed to post a couple of pictures. I had done some of the tallies in the neck of the dancing chook - it is the Dancing Cockerel from Cooks' Russian Tape Lace book, the Beds hankie edge is a Jenny R origional. (I think you can look forward to similar patterns from Jenny in her book - which is being worked on currently.
Now only 13 sleeps till DH and I go on our holiday to Tasmania, yay happy dance! We have still to book the car - will do this weekend. Best wishes - Judy